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Acronnect® for 4D

ImageEngine Export … Exports PDF Images as Adobe Photoshop Files!

Short Description: ImageEngine Export exports the images from the source PDF document as Adobe Photoshop files.

ImageEngine Export is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in.

ImageEngine Export works with
  • Adobe Acrobat 5,
  • Adobe Acrobat 6 Standard & Professional,
  • Adobe Acrobat 7 Standard & Professional.
ImageEngine Export is available for the MacOS platform only (MacOS 9.2 / MacOS X 10.2 or later, "Tiger" compatible ).
New With Version 2 Starting with version 2.0 ImageEngine Export offers a possibility to be included into a workflow.

ImageEngine Export uses the method of "Watched Folders".

The Standard-Edition ImageEngine Export 2.0 Std offers up to 3 Watched Folders. Every Watched Folder can have individual settings.

The watching can be activated or deactivated for any or all of the Watched Folders.

In addition to the Standard-Edition ImageEngine Export 2.0 Std the Pro-Edition ImageEngine Export 2.0 Pro is available, which distincts from Standard-Edition by the unlimited number of Watched Folders.

The Standard-Edition ImageEngine Export 2.0 Std is available for registered users of version 1.xx as a free update.

Registered users of version 1.xx are eligible to upgrade to ImageEngine Export 2.0 Pro.
Latest Version: 2.0.1 - 08/11/2005
Function The image data is picked out from the structures of the PDF document and converted directly into the Adobe Photoshop format. The advantage of this procedure is that the color space of most PDF images types is not affected. This makes it possible to convert the image data of nearly all images directly to the corresponding Photoshop color space.

Images with the "DeviceN" or "Separation" color space can be treated either as gray scale images or as color images in the alternate color space.

Additionally, it is possible to embed an ICC profile into the Photoshop file if valid profile data is present in the PDF image structure.
Note: ImageEngine Export use as the source document the current front document of the Adobe Acrobat application

ImageEngine Export does not change the source PDF document in any way, but there is a risk of data loss using the Watched Folders when the option "Delete Source File if Successfully Processed" is on.

Using this option means that the relevant source file will be deleted without any additional user request or warning in the case that the file has been processed successfuly. Please use this option only if you are sure that the source files are no longer needed. Typically this is the case if you work with copies of your original files.

Please refer the documentation of the Mac OS to learn how to copy your original files.
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ImageEngine Export
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